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Crossfit 101 – The Basics

CrossFit’s 9 Foundational Movements

CFO 9 fundamental movements

The Air Squat

The Slam Ball

The Front Squat

The Back Squat

The Overhead Squat

The Wall Ball

The Dumbbell Thruster

The Thruster

The Burgener Warm-Up

The Dumbbell Hang Power Snatch

The Dumbbell Power Snatch

The Kettlebell Snatch

The Dumbbell Hang Snatch

The Dumbbell Snatch

The Hang Power Snatch

The Muscle Snatch

The Hang Snatch

The Snatch

The Snatch Balance

The Medicine-Ball Clean

The Dumbbell Hang Power Clean

The Dumbbell Power Clean

The Dumbbell Hang Clean

The Dumbbell Clean

The Hang Power Clean

The Muscle Clean

The Power Clean

The Hang Clean

The Clean

The Dumbbell Press

The Shoulder Press

The Dumbbell Push Press

The Push Press

The Dumbbell Push Jerk

The Push Jerk

The Dumbbell Split Jer

The Split Jerk

The Dumbbell Swing

The Kettlebell Swing

The Sumo Deadlift

The Sumo Deadlift High Pull

The Deadlift

The Good Morning

The Push-Up

The Ring Push-Up

The Floor Press

The Bench Press

The Wall Walk

The Kipping Handstand Push-Up

The Strict Handstand Push-up

The Handstand Walk

The Bar Dip

The Ring Dip

The Kipping Toes-to-bar

The Ring Row

The Pull-Up

The Kipping Pull-Up

The Butterfly Pull-Up

The Strict Chest-to-Bar Pull-up

Kipping Chest-To-Bar PullUp

The Pull-up (L-Sit)

The Skin The Cat

Kipping Bar Muscle-Up

The Strict Muscle-up

The Turkish Get-Up

The AbMat Sit-up

The Hollow Rock

The V-Up

The L-Sit

The Walking Lunge

The Dumbbell Front Rack Lunge

The Front Rack Lunge

The Back Rack Lunge

The Overhead Lunge

The Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge

The Pistol

The Single-Under

The Double-under

The Rope Climb (Wrapping)

The Rope Climb (Basket)

Legless Rope Climb

The GHD Sit-up

The GHD Hip Extension

GHD Hip And Back Extension

The Box Jump

The Dumbbell Clean and Split Jerk

Dumbbell Power Clean And Push Jerk

The Dumbbell Squat Snatch

The Glute-Ham Raise

The Dumbbell Clean and Push Jerk

The Dumbbell Hang Clean and Push Jerk

The Clean And Push Jerk

The Power Clean And Push Jerk

The Hang Clean And Push Jerk

The Clean and Split Jerk


The Power Clean

Split Jerk


The Inverted Burpee

The Handstand

The Dumbbell Farmers Carry

The Strict Muscle-Up

The Ring Dip

The Back Squat

Plank Variation

The Thruster

The L-Sit Rope Climb

The L Pull-Up


Planche Progressions

Candlestick Conditioning Drills

The Ring Row

The Single-Leg Squat

The Wall Ball Shot


Men’s Full Body Crossfit Workout

Mat Fraser- CrossFit Tabata

How to Get a Strict Pull Up – Paradiso Crossfit

How to Learn a Kipping Pull Up – Paradiso CrossFit

How To Do A Kipping Pull Up – MovementRVA

The Kipping Pull-Up

The Pull-Up: The Kipping Pull-Up

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